Through her patient yet persistent style of teaching, my practice has progressed to places I originally thought I was not capable of reaching.  Blanca has a way of gently guiding and empowering that enables me to build on my flexibility (slowly) and strength as well.  A very long journey ahead and such a supportive teacher to help show the way.

Della Enzinger

 Blanca encourages you to work hard and then celebrates with you when you accomplish a difficult goal. She teaches a well rounded yoga class, focusing on breathing, body, emotion, and mindfulness. Blanca is quick to smile and laugh, which makes practicing with her a joyful experience. She genuinely cares for her students

Olivia McCain Hein

Blanca has the ability to make the toughest exercises feel easy. Reasons for that can be her extensive training, dedication and commitment to all her practices. Personally I believe it because her genuine intention towards teaching, which translates into the classroom. 
Her emphasis on harnessing the present In times of difficulty in the classroom has also become something applicable to life.Blanca has inspired me to look within my self and in turn live a more rewarding life!

Jose Torres

Few teachers embody the adjective "inspirational" the way that Blanca does: her dedication to the practice of yoga, her knowledge, and her patience all inspire her students. Blanca's encouragement and example motivated me to deepen my practice, and her rigorous classes have consistently challenged me to work through my fears and allow myself to realize my potential – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I cannot imagine where I would be today without her guidance.

Diana Schwartz

Blanca Aviles introduced me to ashtanga yoga and a deeper spiritual path that merges mind and body. Her teaching technique is fluid and graceful from the moment you step into class. Guaranteed to be body-strengthening. I love the focus and self-driven motivation that she inspires, and along with her gentle voice sharing deep knowledge and technique, her class is my absolute favorite.

Tracey Ariga