yoga photoBlanca offers a variety of yoga styles, providing the capacity to reach as many students of all levels of ability, age, and health, to bring all the benefits of the yoga practice.

Vinyasa yoga

A vigorous Ashtanga-based practice that connects breath and movement.

Ashtanga yoga

A set series of posture developed by Sri K Pattabi Jois connecting breath posture and dristi.

Prenatal Yoga

A mindful practice that helps bring balance, strength and relaxation to mothers to be.

Yoga for kids

Blanca teaches children ages 3 and up in a playful and fun practice that builds on all the benefits of yoga including focus, healthy body and mind, and stress relief.

Yoga for Dancers

A class designed for dancers who would like to build strength, and flexibility, while building endurance, posture, and grace.


Blanca's Public yoga classes

Wednesday's 7:30 pm at Moksha Yoga

Private Classes and Workshops

Blanca is available for corporate classes and workshops.
Blanca specializes in private one on one sessions for those looking to deepen their practice.

To contact Blanca Email her HERE