bio-yogaBlanca sought out yoga as a way to help become more physically flexible and toned. After her first class, something inside clicked and she realized there was a lot more to "yoga" than the physical. She left feeling not only sore in places she never felt before, she felt a calm, blissful feeling inside that was the closest she ever got to experiencing peace, both mentally and emotionally. She knew instantly this was a path she wanted to commit to. 

Blanca received her yoga certification through Moksha Yoga Center in 2003 at age 18. She continued her studies with many different teachers, equipping herself with knowledge and inspiration, to be able to offer her students the very best teachings of the practice. She trained with various masters, building a deeper understanding of yoga's many limbs.

Her most influential teachers have been Shiva Rea, for creative sequencing and the power and joy of flow; Aadil Pahkivala for attention to alignment and intuitive adjusting; and Kino Macgregor who inspired her to connect to the roots of Ashtanga yoga. Kino has been a tremendous guide in the last few years, passing along a wealth of knowledge and tradition from the Ashtanga lineage. 

Almost ten years later, Blanca has blossomed into a passionate and strong teacher. Her commitment to her practice and studies gives her the ability to give the best of the practice, to her students. She believes this practice can give students the space to be still, breathe, and receive all they strive for. Blanca's goal as a teacher is to motivate and inspire her students to build the power to manifest all they desire on the mat and in life.