bio-yogaEvery time you move in a different way you gain a new perspective and enhance your awareness-

Blanca has always had a passion for movement and dance. She grew up with natural desire to move. As a teen she was drawn to the art of Egyptian style Belly-Dance. She trained and performed for several years. At age 16 she began dancing through Gallery 37 and gained a scholarship to Homer Bryant Multi-Cultural Pre Professional Program. There she intensively studied ballet, Horton style modern, hip-hop, jazz, Latin dance and flamenco. In 2003, she enrolled in Columbia College, Chicago, and pursued her BA in Dance, graduating in 2006. During her college years she performed in works by Choreographers; Lisa Gonzalez, Julia Rhoads (Lucky Plush), and Bebe Miller, as well as performing at the 2005 American College Dance Festival.

In college Blanca began a six-year journey to intensively train in the Brazilian Martial Art Fight Dance: Capoeira. She traveled around the nation to study with the best Master teachers in both Capoeira and Samba. Her passion for Capoeira has greatly influenced her performance and teaching style.

After college, Blanca grew as a choreographer putting on various shows throughout the city. Her self-produced work was shown at Links Hall: "Breaking Ground". She directed A Latin Dance Production at Indiana University. Blanca also performed with Clinard Dance Theater in the contemporary flamenco work: "Jondo Portraits"

Her passion for Latin Dance led her perform with dance companies: Latin Rhythms, and Urban Vibe; traveling and performing in various cities including: Miami, Orlando, New York, Puerto Rico, Bermuda.